For the project my friends and i have made a website about coffee. Since we did not know anything about making a website, it took us a long time. Websites are everywhere and look simple but it was much harder to make one than we thought.

This is what we have come up with. Check this out.

For our presentation, we present our overview on the website we have created. We talk about how we made, how we felt and difficulties that we had faced when making the website.

Check it out.


Web Conferencing

-Web conferencing helps you to collaborate with your co-workers, suppliers and customers from all over the world.  It is a pretty safe way for you to contact your people with Acrobat Connect Pro. Also in this way you can reduce your costs. Web conferencing through Acrobat Connect pro is very easy because almost all participant already have the software they need and all they have to do is type in their ID and password! I think that it is great to use web conferencing because it reduces your travel costs and save your time. I expect that in the future, buyers, suppliers and customers will contact one another through web conferencing and they all save their money and time.


-Like web conferencing above, good thing about E-learning is that users do not need to download and install extra software since 98% of computer already have Acrobat Connect Pro. E-Learning consists of three steps: to create, to deploy and to manage. It was amazing to know that with E-learning system students from all over that world can talk to one another at the same time. I will be happy if i can talk to a student from Africa and a student from Paris at the same time through E-Learning.

Web Seminals

– You can easily set up seminals room through this program. Again, participants are able to participate in this Web seminals because they already have what they need to use it. During the web seminars, you can ask questions, agree, disagree, applause and laughter with just one click. Like Web conferencing and E-learning, i think that web seminal is good way to save your time and reduce your travel costs. I hope to use this web-seminals for my business in the future.

Reviewing on Acrobat Connect Pro, i realized that it prodeces a great way to contact people from all over the world. With web conferencing, you can meet your suppliers, co-workers and  customers very easily. With E-learning, you are able to learn online and talk to your friends no matter where they are.

22 February-28 February

March 1, 2010

      This week, Dr.John Willinsky from Stanford University talked about the open education. I generally agree with Dr.John Willinsky because i think that more people should have their rights to access to more information, knowledge and research materials online or offline.  That way, people like professors and students are able to get materials and information that they are looking for and work on thier research more efficiently.

 However, we also have to think about the authors’ copyrights. It will be good for me if i am able to have research material easily from online sources but what about the authors who put lots of effort on their work? I think that if authors are funded by government, they should open their work public and share what they have done with people. But if they are not, they deserve their copyrights and should be funded by taxes from the users.

  For this week, in the lecture with Inba Kehoe, coryrights and regulations were introduced to us. According to the copyrights act of Canada, balance of the rights between autors and users is important. Autors as creators should get their royalty for what they have done and users should use the copyrights under some extents and condition so that it is a ‘fair dealing’.

  As a creator, your idea has to be in some kind of a fixed format such as something on the paper or online on the web. In Canada, you do not have to put any simbols on the paper  to show your work is copyrighted. Once your idea is in a fixed format, it is copyrighted. But in the US, they have different rules so you just follow the rule of the country in which you live.

  Also as a creator, you get two rights which are economic rights and moral rights. What you get in terms of economic rights are patments and royalty for what you have produced. Also you can decide how you want your work published or produced. The most important aspect of economic rights is that you can assign the rights to someone else. One thing you shoud be careful is that you do not want to assign exclusive rights to someone because if you do so, you would lose everything and would not be able to use your idea again.

   In oppose to economic rights, you cannot assign moral rights to someone else. There are three aspects of the moral rights. Attribution: you want to share and you want other people to use your idea and want them to show that this idea has come from you. Integrety: you do not want people to take what you have produced and distort it. Association.

  In the guest lecture with Gordon Booth, 3 steps were intoroduced for video conferencing which were planning, preparing and practicing.

  In planning step, we should be aware of the objectives (what you are going to with your participants), background (information of your participants), on-site resources( music and videos) and transferring information( making sure that the information is transfered to your paticipants properly).

  In preparing step, we should gather the material or resource that will help understanding of participants and audiences  such as hand-outs, music, video and images.  

 In the last step, practicing, to make a perfect outcome(giving a video conference), we need lots of practice. Keeping the purpose of what you are doing in your mind is important as well.

        The topic of review for Jan 11-17 was ‘Educational Delivery Options’. Many Learning Delivery Modes were intoduced. Firslty, Face to face (being on campus and coming to class), Blended Learning (mix of face to face with online) and Online Learning(Sending e-mails, chat on Skype and talking on the phone). Our class,EDCI 339, is online learning since we send e-mails to professor when we have questions and set up Skype and chat.

    In overview of field initiatives, I paid special attention to  Voice Thread and Ustream (Web 2.0) because these are something i would use later for online presentation in this class. There are some issues regarding with Web 2.0. For example, to ensure safety and security, Voice Thread can be made to be private and can be configured so that you can disable the chat.

    It is my first time to take online course in my life and i found it interesting to do assingments online. It was good to watch the video lecture because i was able to go back and forth whenever i wanted to.  Also after watching the video, i realized i am lucky that i am in uvic because its TIE Research Lab is being funded in a huge amount of money and it provides an international-level of infrastructure to its students.

Hello world!

January 15, 2010


My name is Tae Sik  Park and it is my 4th year in Uvic. I am studying

Economics and taking this course for my senior electives. 

To be honest, i am not that good at computer so i hope to learn many things

about computer and mobile learing from this course. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or opinions.

Hope we all enjoy this course !!